How To Search Criminal Records By Name Using The Web

Do you know you can search criminal records by name using the internet?

It should be no surprise that the world wide web is an extremely convenient place to get fast information on somebody’s possible criminal background. There are straightforward ways you can search criminal records by name if you know where to look and that is what we are going to target in this blog post.

Search Criminal Records By NameWhile it’s feasible to search criminal records by name it is far easier if you can dig up more details about the individual in question. As an example, a Social Security ID number, physical address and birth date would all help in your query. For this post though, we are going to look at some secrets you may use when you only have a name and nothing else.

1 – Inquire about the person with the FBI

Though they generally need more info, it is possible to search criminal records by name employing the FBI’s website. You’ll need to fill out the provided form with their requested info and there may or may not be a charge. One drawback to going this route is that any information found is not instantly available for you to review.

2 – Check out the Pacer database

Another area to search criminal records by name is on the Pacer database. Pacer stands for public access to court electronic records. This may give you access to court records including federal, appellate, and insolvency courts. You can search criminal records by name by accessing Pacer from the Net though it is not cheap and you’ll be charged for the actual search and printing of the result.

3 – Inquire into the federal jail system

Another good place to search criminal records by name is the Fed Bureau of Prisons website. There you can obtain access to the Federal Inmate Locator Database. On the Fed. Bureau of Jails website you can either search criminal records by name or by ID number. Often folk don’t find the individual they are looking for because only people convicted of a Fed crime are sent to Fed prison.

If you can’t find someone on the Federal Bureau of Prisons website, they might have still spent time in a state penitentiary, town or county jail. You can search criminal records by name in the state jail, city and / or county lock-ups by accessing the State and County Department of Corrections Offender Search. You can research this way by navigating to Locate your state and click thru to the right database. Some states aren’t available at the site so in this case you can search criminal records by name using Google or Bing and search your state name and the terms “Department of Corrections” or “inmate locator.”

4 – Check for misdemeanors at the county courthouse

If you’re trying to find info on a potential employee its vital to note that most staff that have a criminal file have committed misdemeanors, not felonies. For that reason you should make a point to perform research at the county court-house. More than likely you can get access to the county courthouse records online although most court-houses will charge a fee to retrieve the info.

5 – Use a web based background check service like US Search, Intelius or Net Detective

One of the fastest and most straightforward ways to search criminal records by name is to use a background check service. A correct service will conduct your hunt for you and deliver your leads to an easy-to-read report. Though these services are not free, they do not cost much and will save time and disappointment. Plus they are going to get you the info you want in the fastest time practical.

In closing, there are a few ways to search criminal records by name. Dependent on why you are conducting your search in the 1st place, one of these options should help you get the info you’re looking for.

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