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In today's society, the need for the best background check service has never been greater. No matter what the situation, running a simple online background check can help keep you safe, guide your decision making and save you money.

Best Background Check ServiceWith all the options available though, many people are wondering if all online background check companies are the same or if there really is a best background check service out there.

While it's true that there are literally thousands of websites claiming to offer the best background check service on the Internet, the truth is that 95% of them are a complete waste of time and money… Even ones that "claim" to be free!

The Truth About Free Background Check Services…

Don't get fooled by the different "free" background check services you run into while scouring the Internet. Our extensive research confirms that all of these offers will make you pay at some point and most of the time its inaccurate and out-dated information you end up paying for.

On top of that, many of these companies use shady billing practices (meaning you don't know when you are getting charged or how much) and they often sell your personal information to the highest bidder which leads to unwanted spam and possible identity theft!

If you are REALLY looking for a way to dig up free information on people than your best bet is to download a copy of our, "How To Conduct Free Background Checks" ebook.

While this in-depth report won't do the searches for you, it will guide you to several free resources you can use if you want to do your own investigating. (You can request a free copy of, "How To Conduct Free Background Checks" by filling out the form on the left.)

So How Can Our Best Background Check Service Website Help You Out?

Our goal is to provide you with background check reviews and guide you to the top background check service for your unique needs. We know that each person's situation is different and there are thousands of different reasons why people conduct instant online background checks.

So no matter "why" you want to do a search we know what you are looking for in a quality background check service:

You want to find a background check service that will save you time and money.

You want a background check service that delivers quickly and discretely.

You want to find the best background check service for current and accurate information.

These are solutions that our recommended instant background check services provide!

As you start your search utilizing our information, background check reviews and resources you can feel confident about any of the services that we recommend. We have personally used and/or reviewed each of these services as well as gathered feedback from other customers and clients.

The Best Background Check Service For Every Day Needs - Our Top 2 Picks!

US Search Background CheckUS Search
 – US Search is the leading search service in the United States. Their data is frequently updated and they offer a "No Results – No Charge" guarantee.

Visit US Search now or Read our US Search review

Intelius Background CheckIntelius – Intelius has provided background checks for over 8 million unique customers and recently improved their customer service.

Visit Intelius now or Read our Intelius review

US Search and Intelius offer the best background check service for romantic interests, business partners, neighbors, acquaintances, spouses, boyfriends, girlfriends and other persons of interest. These services also offer people search, reverse phone lookup, email search, social network search, property records, criminal records, birth records, marriage records, divorce records and more.

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All of the above recommendations represent the best background check service in their respective fields. These services are established, well known for excellence, provide fast service, quality customer support, and value their customer's time and money.